Welcome to Truro Allstar Cheerleading Co.

Have you been thinking about taking part in cheerleading?

Well this is the year to start!! 

Our new 2015/16 competitive season is just around the corner. Our tryouts are scheduled for May 19, 20, 21.

New routines, New Choreography, New Teams and more events and team experiences.  The 2014/15 season was amazing and 2015/16 looks even better! 

Cheer is about growing; growing as a team, growing as an individual, and growing as a leader.

At Truro Allstar Cheerleading Company, our cheerleaders are constantly proving to us and to themselves that they are all capable of these things.

Our coaches, with the help of our athletes, are always looking for ways to improve our cheer Company as a whole, to encourage our athletes and their skills in a safe and healthy environment.

To promote a positive experience both in the club and in the community, while at the same time making sure our teams are working diligently to perfect their routines. Commitment is an important aspect of our cheerleading group because we rely on each member of the team to execute a routine, with practices and hours put into conditioning,routines and tumbling.

 Every season is spent perfecting our skills, moves and attitudes. And, we will continue in this tradition with even higher goals and tougher competition.



Contact us

 (902) 843-3775(leave message) or (902) 986-1545


773 Prince St. Truro NS

email: info@truroallstarcheer.com