Our Mission

We promise and are driven to provide a healthy, safe, fun, competitive or noncompetitive environment for athletes to learn and succeed while committed to having integrity and quality in what we do.

Cheer is about growing; growing as a team, growing as an individual, and growing as a leader.

Our Story

 All Star cheerleading is an internationally recognized competitive sport that combines elements of gymnastics, tumbling, dance, acrobatics and traditional cheerleading skills such as jumps, stunts and tosses in an exciting, high energy routine set to music. It is not like it used to be. It is an athletic discipline which improves confidence, coordination and flexibility as well as encouraging team work and allows children to be more physically active. Children who aren’t currently or haven’t been particularly athletic seem to really enjoy and excel, the sport is also great at bringing out that shy child’s strengths and personality.

 Truro All Star Cheerleading and Tumble (TAC) has existed in our small town of Truro since 1994, it was the first All Star Cheerleading Gym in Nova Scotia, owned and Operated by Mary Gonzales and her dedicated staff, starting out as a recreational club run by volunteers they are now a highly competitive training facility. Mary saw an opportunity to develop the sport of Cheerleading and herself and her amazing volunteers set out to provide youth with an avenue to experience sportsmanship, athleticism, creativity, confidence, leadership and relationship building. Mary’s vision and devotion with the help from countless parents, athletes,volunteers and coaches has revolutionized cheer in Truro from practicing with 16 athletes in school gyms to owning an 8000 sq foot Allstar training facility in the heart of Downtown Truro.

 We have a full staff of 13 volunteers 9 of which are all certified coaches with years of experience and a passion for this sport as well they are dedicated to contributing to your athlete’s success in this sport but also in life. They will lead by example, encourage and build confidence, while highlighting the discipline and commitment for a sport/team in a respectful environment.

 Our top notch recreational program is consistently growing allowing our younger aspiring cheerleaders a chance to shine and build skills for All-star.

Our training program is designed to help athletes develop their strength, endurance, flexibility, mental toughness, resilience and how to work as a team and move to higher levels as they grow in the sport.

We are truly a big family at Truro Allstar Cheer.

We look forward to you joining our Cheer Family and are always thankful for your continued support.

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