All of our competitive teams are organized according to the Cheer NS levels and guidelines to insure continuity and quality. Teams range in difficulty levels from Level 1 for beginners, up to Level 4 for more advanced athletes. Our program is designed specifically to help athletes grow and develop their skill set through safe guidance

Allstar Competitive

Tryouts/Evaluations, Pre-Season, and Competition Season. Go to 2018-19 Season Tryouts/Evaluations to Register!!!

Your 2018/19 Competitive Cheerleading season runs May-May for a full year.

Evaluations and Tryouts are held in May and early June. During this time athletes can demonstrate individual skills (tumbling, jumps and stunting) for the coaching staff.  The coaches will monitor athlete during some clinics and then have Try Outs in June.  The coaches will then determine what teams will be most successful for the upcoming season and place each athlete accordingly. Athletes will immediately begin their preseason training once teams are announced.

Preseason June – Dec during this time athletes focus on skill development and routine choreography. During skill development the athletes will learn the fundamentals of stunts, baskets, pyramids, tumbling and jumps from our qualified coaches as well as guest instructors who specialize in these areas. During the choreography portion of the preseason athletes will take the elements they learned during skills development and place them into a competitive routine. Once choreography is finalized they will spend the next few months working their routine and preparing for competition season.

 Competition season runs through the winter months beginning in January and continues until May with your athlete competing on average of 5-7 competitions, with a couple local to Truro. Depending on Level and Age your athlete will be in the gym to practice 1 day/week in summer and 2 days a week for 1.5-2 hours per/class starting in the fall.

We take 2 weeks off in the summer for you to plan some vacationing.



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